Professional practical training is an important component of the course in Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences and unites university studies with professional practice. Through active co-work during the internship the students should acquire basic skills in the professional environment and through observation and critical scrutiny, gather practical work experience and comprehend the correlations.

Graduates of an Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences degree course must have knowledge of the domestic or foreign operations of an agricultural or horticultural business undertaking. In addition, however, experience must also be gained in the respective associated fields prior to or following operational business.

The bachelor course in Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences plans a total of 16 weeks internship and this must be completed by the end of the course. The bachelor’s degree can only be awarded after submission of the complete records of the whole practical training.

The internship may be carried out completely or in part prior to commencing studies.

The following sections are mandatory components of the internship:

  • 8 weeks of practical training spent consecutively as one time block and in a recognized agricultural or horticultural company accredited for trainee qualifications. Other practical training periods must be in blocks of at least four weeks.
  • 4 weeks professional environment internship in associated fields of agriculture or horticulture, for example in the fertilizer, crop protection or animal foodstuffs industry, agricultural technology companies, associations, service companies.
  • Attendance at the following mandatory courses organized by the Intern Office: For students specializing in agricultural science, 2-week course agricultural technology and 2-week course livestock husbandry. For students specializing in horticulture, 1-week course horticulture technology.

It is recommended that part of the practical training is completed prior to the course of study (if possible the 8-week company internship).

Internships in your own company or parents’ company are not recognized.

Graduates who wish to take up a career in advisory agricultural services or specialist teaching professions in Bavaria, must prove at least 30 weeks internship (including course training practice) with successful trainee examination results.

Execution of internships in other countries is desirable and receives support accordingly. Internship in abroad can be accredited to the total period of practical training.

Further information and assistance in the search for companies for your internship are offered by the Intern Office, Praktikantenamt Weihenstephan.